Real World Colours

Professional Colour Boards and Palettes

Are you looking for colour inspiration?

Add high-quality colour combinations to all your projects and designs

We've collected photos of flowers, shrubs and trees, landscapes and travels to build a professional quality catalogue of Real World Colours.

What's really cool with these palettes is that each palette includes important colour references such as Pantone™, RAL™, CMYK, LAB and RGB values. This should simplify your job of matching paints, fabrics and other colour products.

The palettes and boards are suited for interior or exterior decoration, design, brand style guide, colour schemes, website design and many other projects.

Acer browns

Acer browns colour board


Roses colour board


Cornflowers colour board

Californian poppies

Californian poppies colour board

Example of the contents in a colour board

Colour board palette

Real World Colours

Colour boards and palettes

This inspiring collection of colour palettes is now available for download.

Download our colour palettes

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