Pushing CakekPHP MCV framework in 2021

We switched over to CakePHP a few years ago and haven't looked back since.

CakePHP is a MCV framework used for developing PHP and MySQL projects, it started in 2005 and we are now at version 4.2. We have built and deployed 5 very different applications for our clients using CakePHP.

At the beginning of this year we have began to upgrade custom built business management application for a newspaper editor from CakePHP 3 to version 4. As well we are welcoming a new client with a dedicated application for their newspaper.

Why use CakePHP?

  • Creating the projects is fast, very fast.
  • It's safe and secure, with an audit published by Mozilla Secure Open Source and performed by the NCC Group
  • The generated code is clear, logical and easy to read.
  • Adding business logic to models is simple and intuitive.
  • Using MCV makes it easy for other developers to become involved or take over projects.
  • The CakePHP support is active, friendly and prompt.

Example a deployed and working project

Hotels Afloat have a public site and a secured back-office both built with CakePHP. The back-office allows the registered users to create and modify all articles, boats, cruises, destinations, offers and availability which are displayed on the public site.

There are tools for managing and following all client bookings and reservations.

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