RAL swatches

& conversion charts

Download the swatches for Photoshop & Illustrator plus the printable RAL to Pantone conversion colour charts and easily convert the colours from Ral into Pantone, CMYK and RGB values. The swatches are also compatible with Affinity Photo & Designer software. The conversions are to the nearest Pantone + Color Bridge Coated, CMYK and RGB values that I can find.

Version français : télécharger le nuancier RAL Kit

The RAL CLASSIC pack contains 4 files:

  1. RAL swatch for Illustrator versions CC, CS and 9 in .ai format
  2. RAL swatch for Photoshop & other Adobe programs in .ase format (Adobe Swatch Exchange)
  3. Printable PDF documents with charts showing RAL to Pantone, RGB and CMYK nearest colour matches
  4. Instructions for using the swatches

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Customers have said...

Hi Phillip, I ended up getting the RAL Mega Kit as you recommended and works perfectly in Photoshop, thanks again much appreciated!
Please do list me as one of your clients! As all my design work involves RAL references, it’s always a pain to start searching for good CMYK values & as I use illustrator for everything, your addon is a definite no brainer! Love it.
Thank you, I got the files and everything works. Also thanks for the quick assistance and the excellent products.
Thank you! You have no idea how long I’ve been searching for this

Customers who use the swatches

  • rhubarbgraphics.com
  • twostride.com
  • andesign.fr
  • danbutler.co.uk
Thanks again Phillip, I will definitely recommend your product to my design contacts.
Rhubarb Graphics & Signs

INCLUDES THREE RAL colour conversion charts

Swatch in Small Thumbnail View
Illustrator Creative Cloud Swatch in Small Thumbnail View
Swatch in Large List View
Swatch in Small List View with the Ral numbers showing
Preview of the swatch in Illustrator CS3
Preview of the swatch in Illustrator CS5
Image of the swatch for matching RAL colours in Illustrator
Preview of the swatch in Illustrator 9

By downloading the file, you agree not reproduce, distribute, transmit, display, sale or prepare derivative versions for any kind of distribution from the contents.

If you’re not sure how to use, load or save swatches then read this Adobe help page.

The swatches and charts DO NOT include the metallic references such as 9007.

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