Real world colour gradients

Vectorised gradient samples for Illustrator

Add real life vibrant colours to your design work

We've expert experience in creating colour gradients sampled from real world landscapes and objects which can be then used in most vector drawing programs such as Illustrator, Affinity or Lightwave. The true to life colours really enhance design and illustration work adding a very natural touch with vibrance and variety.

The colours are taken from our high quality landscape photographs which we convert into vector gradients.

Illustrator colour gradients
Landscape gradient of a country field in March

Country fields in March

Sea, sky, sand gradients

Sea, sky, sand

Landscape gradient for sky and fields

Country fields in August

Landscape gradients

Sunset over the sea

Summer sea sun set

Summer sun sea

Sun set gradients

Sunset over stormy sea (The Wash, Norfolk)

Custom made colour gradients

If you're interested in trying these colours in your design work, please contact us, well send you some samples in an Illustrator file to try out.

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