Turnkey website solutions for your business

No matter the size of your company nor the product that you sell, you have a place on Internet and you should take it!

imi21.com can help you prepare, create, lunch and follow your site.

If you target local, regional, national or international clients, your site and domain name will be the window of your brand and style.

  • Build your brand name
  • Make your products & services stand out
  • Communicate easily
  • Discover more clients
  • Increase your sales

Building a professional site in just 5 steps

1st step: Contact imi21.com. We'll need to talk and find out who you are, what you do, who are your clients...
...your branding, colours, editorial style and a schedule of actions.

2nd step: We'll build designs and story boards using your branding, logo, photos, videos and other key elements. You'll then have a choice to select what you really want.

3rd step: Deployment of the prototype site, debugging phases, corrections, fine tuning.

4th step: Definitive choice of domain names, deployment of the site in a protected environment. Full testing and validation

5th step: Approval, your site is opened to the public, first visitors, statistics...

Then what happens?

We can stay with you keep your site alive and busy by adding fresh content, optimizing every image and line of text. imi21.com will make sure your site remains as visible as possible, fast and responsive on mobile phones, hand held devices and desk top computers, giving you a greater audience

Made to measure!

Do you require a specific or custom made to measure site? Imi21.com has solutions for your project.

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